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It will surely be an invaluable source for all workers in the field for a long time.

an essential companion to research workers in the fields of palaeomagnetism, geomagnetism and archaeomagnetism.’ J. This is an excellent, comprehensive text written by prominent researchers in rock magnetism.

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El Hadri, Mohammed Salah Hehn, Michel Malinowski, Grégory and Mangin, Stéphane 2017.

Goguitchaichvili, Avto Morales, Juan Loponte, Daniel and Sinito, Ana M. Paleomagnetic and paleoclimatic investigation at Laguna Melincue (Pampean Plains, Argentina): preliminary results.

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By issuing this paperback version, to augment the extremely well-received original 1997 hardback version, the publishers have done a great service to the wide readership that can, and should, benefit from this excellent book …

It will undoubtedly become the standard reference for the next generation.

4, Ortega, David Roqué, Carles Ibáñez, Jordi Beamud, Elisabet Larrasoaña, Juan C. The chert from the Castelltallat Formation (south-central Pyrenees): archaeometric characterisation and archaeological implications.

Full-Vector Archaeomagnetic Dating of a Medieval Limekiln at Pinilla Del Valle Site (Madrid, Spain).

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