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Karen Mok celebrates six years of her marriage Hong Kong singer-actress Karen Mok and her German husband Johannes Natterer recently threw a “Half Time” party in Kensington Palace, London to celebrate their marriage of six years.The party was named “K&J”, after the initials of the couple.It’s one of a slew of emerging joint US-China productions, but with a host of CGI special effects to add in post it will be another year before it plays in cinemas.Mok was alerted to the role by CAA (Creative Artists Agency), which represents her in Hollywood, and met Reeves in Beijing to discuss it. She admits to being a bit of a Keanu fan girl going into the project, and more so at its conclusion.Then, and on our first meeting four years previously, she had insisted, polite but firm, on not discussing her relationships, if any.She and actor-director Stephen Fung were dating at that time (indeed, for nine years), but ironically it wasn’t until just before their split in 2007 that they publicly acknowledged the fact.During the party, the couple took the opportunity to announce the establishment of the “Morris Charity Initiative” which aims to raise funds for charity scholarships to encourage children to study at the pair’s alma mater, United World College.Although they have no plans to have any children, they hope to help others through this charity, treating it as their most prized possession.

" In 2005, Mok had just completed her first Hollywood movie, Around the World in 80 Days, with Jackie Chan.

Fast forward seven years and the actress has a second international credit under her belt.

Man of Tai Chi, which was shot in Beijing and Hong Kong last year, is Keanu Reeves’ directorial debut.

Another ironic quirk of fate: Mok and Fung were both making films about tai chi last year ( trilogy respectively).

"Keanu Reeves was completely focused, really knew what he wanted.

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