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Caodaism was formally founded on 1926-SEP-26 by a group of 247 disciples.Spiritism (called Spiritualism in England) is the method that God chose to transmit this new religion to humanity.

Limitations in communication and transportation prevented the formation of a single, true universal religion which all of humanity could embrace.Shocking video has emerged of a five-year-old girl screaming after being strung up by her wrists by her cruel Vietnamese foster mother as punishment for taking a carton of milk.The tiny child, whose hands are tied, can be seen hanging several feet above the floor from a horizontal pole in a building in the Vinh Tuong District of northern Vietnam's Vinh Phuc Province.A new order dawned in mid-1997, when the religion received official sanction from the government.In the beginning was God, formless, nameless, unchangeable and all powerful.

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