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The community is massively crowded, and more and more residents are building makeshift homes on the slopes of Hangberg.In 2001, South Africa’s unlawful abalone trade, established elsewhere in the Western Cape province for more than a decade, had just taken root in the harbor settlement, offering residents an unprecedented opportunity to prosper from the sea.Robben Island, where Nelson Mandela was jailed for 18 years during apartheid, is an exposed outcrop in the middle of Table Bay; the men sat a while catching their breath, watching lighthouse beams pulse across the Atlantic.They unpacked their provisions from sealed bags, changed into dry clothes, and stuffed a bottleneck pipe with cheap marijuana, crushing a small white mandrax (a local term for quaalude, which is used more widely in South Africa than anywhere else in the world) pill into the mixture.

Across the channel, the city of Cape Town appeared as a thin band of lights, its mountains black against the sky.To survive the frigid, shark-infested waters of the Cape Peninsula, however, he needed guidance.He sought out a group of older poachers and began shadowing them while they worked, helping with menial tasks.“I felt stupid.” To avoid further embarrassment he decided to become self-sufficient, which for many in Hangberg means learning to dive.Jacob walks through Hangberg, near the home he built on the side of the mountain above Hout Bay harbour.

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