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Legal Context of the RHP The equitable, efficient and sustainable use of our water resources is the central objective of South Africa's water policy.

The National Water Act (1998) recognises that the best way to achieve this would be to manage aquatic ecosystems (including rivers) at the catchment scale and through joint participation by all interested parties.

River health information collected over a period of time also allows us to track changes in river health and therefore our progress towards (or away from) a defined goal. Many aspects of our survival and economic growth are critically affected, directly or indirectly, by the health of our rivers and by the decisions that change their ability to deliver a range of goods and services.

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Through actively working together and sharing skills and resources, implementation teams can achieve goals that would not be possible for any one organisation working alone.Together, they provide an integrated measure of the health of river systems.A collaborative venture The River Health Programme consists of partnerships that are critical for the success of the programme.It also tells us about the sorts of impacts that a river system can absorb.This information helps us to manage our rivers because with an understanding of river health we can set goals and decide on action steps for achieving a desired river state that would ensure the provision of a preferred range and quality of goods and services.

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