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Was this child going to grow up in an online sex den? The answer turns out to be far, far more tragic than anything we could have ever imagined.

In the final minutes of this episode, Shae became the latest victim to vanish into the ether, à la Teo.

Even now, the Jeanette and Kimara subplots are taking a back seat to the Coates family drama.

Jeanette In short, Jeanette is still directionless and having no luck seeking purpose in her life.

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After an awkward visit from a potential benefactor, Kimara discovers her colleague, Abby, who runs a home for exploited teens, has been padding the numbers when it comes to how many kids the social worker has been placing at the shelter.Wall paintings in a historic Pompeii brothel have revealed the amorous activities of ancient Italians.The 'Lupanar of Pompeii' is decorated with centuries-old wall paintings depicting explicit sex scenes Researchers believe the erotic paintings depicting group sex and other acts may have indicated the services offered by prostitutes.Now she just has to do it with no money, living in constricting quarters with her single-mom sister, Raelyn.Raelyn, who is struggling to make ends meet at a minimum-wage job (unable to do better for herself due to a prior conviction), thinks Jeanette should swallow her pride and return to her comfortable marriage.

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