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Even with changes in senior leadership, the Office’s purpose and function remains the same: to serve as an Ombudsman for federally sentenced offenders and to investigate offender complaints, individually and as a group, related to “decisions, recommendations, acts or omissions” of the Correctional Service.

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Understandably, lack of control and autonomy over how the most basic necessities of life are met can be a considerable source of frustration and anxiety for prisoners.Given every picture tells a story and is worth a thousand words, then this report promises to be briefer and perhaps more visually arresting than in previous years.True to form, at every institution that I visited the promise and predicament of corrections was prominently on display.His leadership, vision and profile consolidated and advanced the Office’s mandate through some difficult issues and some equally challenging times.Howard raised and championed issues of national prominence and concern, such as mental health and corrections, prevention of deaths in custody, safe and humane custody, Indigenous and women offenders.

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