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On a raised ribbon running along the length of the monu- ment, between the arms and the inscription, there is — Qui sanctu vivit inte [Who lived a holy life].

(G.) on The authorship of ** The Burial of Sir John Moore," 14 on Lake of Menteith, 64 on The Lumsdens of Cushnie, 105 W.

Google Book Search helps readers discover the world's books while helping authors and publishers reach new audiences. Lundie, clockmaker, 179 Alpha on Mind your P's and Q*s, 80 Amo on Perfervidum ingenium Scotorum, 79 Ancient Aberdeen torn V)st one, 15 Ancient Baptismal Fonts, 14 Ancient charter, 94, 104 Anderson, family of, 12, 30 Anderson's (P. Auld, Painter, 45 on Portraits of Scottish divines, 104 on Marischal College Bibliography, 106, 157 on James Man and Arthur Johnston, 127 on Perfervidum ingenium Scotorum, 107 on Unpublished verses by Wm, Meston, loi, 114 Fasti Academiae Mariscallanae^ 112 Anderson (Robert) on outer marches of the city of Aberdeen, 50 Antiquarian Finds, 60, 81 Aoidh on Clan Mackay badge, 95 on Geilticheinn, 96 A. S.) on Blind Hary, not Harry, 12 on Mystery Plays by Scotsmen, 12 on Cock of the North, 13 on Thomas the Rhymer, 13 A.

You can search through the full text of this book on the web at |http : //books . J.) Notes on Heraldic Representation* at King's and Marischal Colleges, 144 Anderson (P. (R.) on The Silver City by the Sea, 31 on The Scot abroad, 107 Arbirlot, stone coffin found at, 77 Ardeonaig, the lands of, 22 Amdilly, 29, 47 Armada wrecks, 43 Armada wrecks near Irvine, I4) 31 Ari 6r» Literature^ 176 Associate Congregation, Johnshaven, 28, 47 Auchlunkart, 29 47 Auld (Mr.) Painter, 45, 191 Aulton Silversmiths, 57, 152 Author of quotations wanted, 61 Author of verses wanted, 141, 159 Ayrshire as a factor in Scottish 163.

Google This is a digital copy of a book that was preserved for generations on Hbrary shelves before it was carefully scanned by Google as part of a project to make the world's books discoverable online.

Nicholas church and churchyard epitaphs, 8, 21, 35, 71, 84, 118, 134, 153, 161, 181 Stone coffin at Carnoustie, 60 Stonehaven periodical, 156 St. Mascarad -I have a bill of the year 1720 ^^^^j^^ ^^ ^,^ ^y^j^,, ,,;ix\x\iy, and 10 shew cause before me in which 20 yards of this stuff occur ; also j*^ jj^,^ ^^^ dismissing the account of that artist a letter of Andrew J affrny of Kingswells of 1714, m ^^^^^ represents him as a Banffshire man ? if you want anie women s cloth or j„ ^^^-^^ ^^^^ .^^ j^ ^^ ^^j^^ ^^^ ^^^^ ^ ^^ mascarads for your ladic I can serve you verie weill. Wales off my list of It was evidently some material used m moumtnfr, j^^ffshire Worthies. Copyright infringement liabili^ can be quite severe. INDEX TO THIRD VOLUME Abercrombie, Memoirs, 78 Aberdeen from Bus and Car, 64 Abbey of Deir, 54 Adam (Dr. -(J.) on Family of Anderson, 12 on Armada wrecks, 43 on The Canteen, 191 A. Masson, 28 on Origin of Fraser family, on King's and Marischal C( on Perfervidum Ingenium S on Poisoned bullet, 62 on Longevity, 77 on James Wales, 78 on Bibliography of Aberdee on Penny and Silver Weddi on Ibsen's Scotch ancestry, B. R.) on Samuel Rutherford, i on Family of Brown, 125 B. ) on Origin of name Fraser, on Translation wanted, 160 Baker, (S. Si Your most obed* & humb U [Signed] Cu Uen House, 27th Octr. M orison's Poems, published and printed by David Buchanan in 1790, are dedicated to the gentlemen of Ju. About Google Book Search Google's mission is to organize the world's information and to make it universally accessible and useful. (J.), Cho., on Aulton Silversmiths, 152 on Goldsmiths' mark, 157 on Cross at Newburgh, Fife, 157 on Waly or Walie, 157 on Wm. Patrick Copland, 14 on the earldom of Caithness, 17 on Spelling of Cuningarhill, 30 on Notes on Marischal Co Meges, 38 on the Murray Lectures, 44, 45 on Mr. F.) on Dickens and the N.' on Mind your P's and Q's, B. (W.) on Cunnigar Hill, 13 Saunt o' Sawny Lyon's, 158 Saunt of Sandy Lyall's, 190 Scot abroad, 107 Scott (James W.) on '* Royal George," 79 on Sir Michael v Scott's potatoes, 124 Scotch wills, 62 Scottish events, 103 Scottish fai Trilies of Spanish descent, 14, 31 Scott's (Sir Michael) potatoes, 124 Seals of Burgh and county families, 113, 145, 177 Shield, 77 Shorthand in Scotland in 1550, 62, 80 Sieve and shears, 14, 31 Singular incantations, 44 Skins service, 28, 47, 64 Smallest church collection known, 105, 127 Sneezing, 15, 106 Standard weights and measures of the 14th century, 44 Steele (A. L.) Bibliography of Peterhead periodi- cal literature, 16 Thane of Fife, 56 The Antiquity of the City of Aberdeen, 29 The Burial of Sir John Moorfe — the authorship, 14, 31 The Expository Times, 80, 93 The Library^ 128 The Silver City by the Sea, 14, 31 Temple (W. Grant, Lord Prestongrange, 109 on Kinnardie, 109 on Kininvie, 109 on Gordons of Park, 126 on Family crest of Wilsons, 128 Thomson (William) on Old form of tenure, 27 on *' The Burial of Sir John Moore," 31 on The Dominicans, 37 on Paul Jones, 108 on Sir Francis Grant, Cullen, 108 on Kinnardie, 108 on Two mile cross, 175 on Inscription on hunter's lodge, 1 55 INDEX. Grant, Lord Prestongrange, 95 on Perfervidum ingenium Scotorum, 90, 125 on James Man of Aberdeen, 125 — on Murray Street, no, 126 — on Kennedy Clark, 95, 126 on Muckle-mou'd Meg, 108 on Two Scottish weather phrases, no on Place names, 192 Wales, James, artist, 13, 30, 78, 175 Walker (Robert) on planting trees in towns, 32 Waly or walie, 157 Warping Staiks, 13, 158 Weather wisdom, 171, 189 White Kirk of Buchan, 190 Will (Crest and motto of the surname), 61 Willox, Gregor, wizard, 15 [Wilson] Family crest, 105, 128 Wilson, W. Robertson, on James Wales, artist, 1 3 Witches' prayer, 105 X. on Bibliography of Montrose periodical literature, 76 Yah, on Meaning of V., 13 on Lyell, Buchanan and Hay families, 15 Zigzag on Witches' prayer, 105 scorri'^H NOTES and queries. — The following proclamation shows the steps that were taken by the authorities about a hundred years ago to prevent meal mobs : — Whereas IL a.ppears thni several of the inhabitants of Ihis place are apprehensive that there will he a scarcity of meal here ih U summer, uwinglu theurealest part o( the farm meal in the ncighhuiirhooil lieii];; solil for exportation, and also owing to the great quftntities orn m Peterhead, not in Banffshire, and as of its occurrence? G.) on Origin of name Fraser, 32 '■ on Muckle-mou'd Meg, 108 on Hill of Dun-o-deer, 127 on A pillar and its story, 156 S. Tiernan and bells, 173 Strunnay, Pauchporte, 125, 143 Student on Baliol's submission, 141 on Translation wanted, 142 Surnames of ladies' maids in fiction, 61 Sundial, Duthie Park, Aberdeen, 129 Sundial at Newton, Roxburghshire, 188 T. C.) on Armada wrecks near Irvine, 14 on Scottish lamilies of Spanish descent, 14 on A family in Maybole churchyard, 14 on Johnston family, 45 on Musee de Cluny, 78 on Rob Roy at Culter, 142 (J. T.] on Aberdeen Reformer, 93 on Tracts on the " Down Grade" of Scottish Theology, 93 on Aberdeen and Northern Illustrated Maga- zine, 93 T. L.) on Jamie Fleeman, 155 Tarbat, recent find of coins and armlets, 18 Taylor's (W. John Forbes of Pitneycalder, 45 on Sir Archibald Camming, 45 on Denominations of grain, 45 on To bear off the bell, 45, 64 on Names of jelly fish, 46 — on Associate Congregation, Johnshaven, 47 W (W. R.) on David Gregory, Savilian professor of astronomy, 94 on Andrew Cant, 106 on Kininvie, 95 on Kinardie, 95 on Wm.

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