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Once you’ve decided to stay longer and you have a brief invite letter from a sponsor, you can apply for the Social Visa yourself and save money.

In my experience, expressing a sincere desire on the application to visit Indonesia for extended travel and to visit friends is enough reason for the authorities to give you one.

in Bangkok: a Wage Freedom reader tells us that the Indonesian Embassy in Bangkok requires 90 days to elapse between Social visas. Scroll down for video.) Over the years I’ve had lots of people ask how to go about staying in Bali for six months or more, and how that affects which Bali visa they should choose. ) reminding anyone who doesn’t know that visiting Bali requires an Indonesian visa, not a Bali visa.

I just called Ismail Hamdan’s office–see below, including his phone number–and as of today the rules haven’t changed at the Singapore Indonesian embassy. Nowadays Bali especially is seeing a huge influx of foreigners looking to save by renting an apartment or house by the month (or by the year) and work on a project, look into possibilities for making a base in Bali or elsewhere in Indonesia, learn Bahasa Indonesia or simply take an extended break to explore Indonesia’s endless natural and cultural depth and variety.

(See below for a one-day option) I’ve had social visas from embassies in all three cities but again to avoid confusion I’d really suggest calling ahead to see what exactly you need.

Would you rather just have a Social Visa in hand when you first arrive in Indonesia, i.e. There are Bali travel agents who will handle the sponsor letter, letter of guarantee, and a copy of the sponsor’s KTP document for you.

It is normally a three-day turnaround (two in Singapore), but if you’re buying flight tickets, ask for the current wait time when you call ahead.

Bonus Tip #2: I check Air Asia‘s website well in advance for cheap flights leaving on Monday (much cheaper than Sunday usually), as early as possible so that I can get to the embassy to which I’ll be applying that same morning.

Costing approximately US in 2018 depending on where you apply, it allows you an initial stay of 60 days, then is extendable every 30 days for about US, up to a maximum stay of six months without having to leave Indonesia. If you leave Indonesia after any amount of time the visa is no longer good and you must apply for another one or re-enter with a VOA.Click below to let us know you read this article, and wiki How will donate to Direct Relief on your behalf.Thanks for helping us achieve our mission of helping everyone learn how to do anything.You can apply for another Social Visa immediately (update: Oct.2016: apparently no longer the case in Bangkok, but you still can in Singapore.) This will be a completely new visa, you need a new invite letter, etc.

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