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64-65 of his book.) He worries that the ready availability of free online pornography further erodes women’s power to get men to commit.

As he colorfully puts it, “a laptop never says no.” My fear about porn is that it normalizes sexual scripts sorely lacking in mutuality; I find it less plausible that men will find it a good enough substitute for real women to have much effect on marriage rates.

This growing class gap in marriage implies that we don’t have a complete explanation of the retreat from marriage until we identify some factor that has changed much more for those without college degrees.Critical to the logic of his argument is his belief that men are more desirous of sex than women.One piece of evidence for this is higher rates of masturbation among men than women across cultures.In this blog post, I’ll consider Regnerus’ arguments for the claim that “cheap sex” helps explain the decline in marriage, noting which of his points I find more and less plausible.I will also provide evidence for another factor behind the retreat from marriage—the fact that men without a college degree have increasing difficulty finding and holding jobs, especially decent-paying ones.

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