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The bathrooms include a hairdryer and toiletries The hotel’s El Mirador restaurant specializes in grilled meat and seafood, and offers wonderful volcano views.You can also find a range of cafes, bars and restaurant in nearby Plaza Futura.

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The disintegration of the ejido model began in the late-19th century and culminated with the granting of de facto private ownership rights to parcels of ejido land to any community member willing to cultivate cocoa, coffee, rubber, and agave (a fibrous cactus used for making rope).

Although the government is more focused on engaging its diaspora, it is also dealing with immigrants from neighboring countries and issues around human trafficking.

Historical Background In 1525, the Spanish colonized the area that includes modern-day El Salvador.

Peasants who had lost or been displaced from communal lands were quickly integrated into the plantation system in the north, and, at the same time, the rise in sugar cane production increasingly drew internal migrants from the entire country to the coastal plains around the Lempa River.

Civil War and Mass Emigration to the United States Only a small number of Salvadorans migrated to the United States in the 1950s and 1960s, and the Salvadoran population living in the United States numbered in the low thousands.

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