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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ My brain was quite obviously losing touch with reality. I felt Vonnie's hand on my erect penis, stroking softly, as the last button was dispatched.

No, it feels like I have my Aunt Siobhan's big, soft breasts pressed against my ribs. My second youngest sister, Shelagh, was indeed here, in my Aunt's incestuous bedroom, about to remove her blouse. "I didn't really get to see it that well last night, and it's been driving me nuts ever since.

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Suddenly, she was gone, slipping out of the bed while I watched. Their orgasmic aria echoed through the house, and my brain, until they both stopped singing, and tried to catch their breath. She was grinning; I assume she was pleased that our little group was growing. It looked even better on the bedroom floor, as she stepped out of it, leaving her in her tiny panties, also black. "I never even considered doing it before yesterday, but it's soooooooo hot! who was now totally naked, having stepped clear of her panties... "Oh god, Shelly, you've got such a pretty kitty," I heard, but it wasn't my voice that said it. She nodded in Shelly's direction, and I turned just in time to see my sister, hands behind her back, unhooking her bra. "Danny, I can't believe I'm about to do this," Shelly smiled. as though she was the first unclothed woman I had ever seen. It was Siobhan, who apparently had as great an appreciation for my sister's vulva as I did. I was currently trying to pierce the shadows that obscured the chest I hadn't seen since she was much, much younger... Her bra was black as well, and struggling mightily to contain her voluptuous breasts. As her arms extended over her head, her breasts spread wider, and the bra finally succumbed to gravity. I hadn't realized how close I was to cumming, but my ever thoughtful Aunt had noticed the signs, and gripped me tight to stem the tide. She slid her body along mine, and within seconds, I was in boob-lover's heaven, with a voluptuous pair pressed against me from each side. and much, much less developed; back in the days before I had been banished from my sister's rooms for showing a little too much interest in their bodies. While she wasn't quite in the same league as Mom and Vonnie, she was very, very well built, as were all my sisters. Her breasts did not, riding high and proud on her chest, crowned by light pink nipples that were equally proud and tall. She was snuggled into my side, watching Shelagh strip with an interest as keen as my own.

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