Holiday dating

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If you love getting out and meeting new people, you can’t find a better time of the year to do that than Christmas.And, when you get out and go to Christmas parties and events, guess what you’re going to do there? And, meeting people is the best way to get into a quality relationship. Make sure you choose parties and events that have 3 traits. If you want to meet someone new to date, any event must involve enough social activity to talk to new people, bond with them, and ideally get their contact information.But, all it took was a little Christmas magic and the perfect guy came into her life…just in time for Christmas Eve.The more I thought about it, the pressure to be “in a relationship” at Christmastime is intense.Think about what you truly want, not what your mother wants or your best friend tells you that you should want in a man or woman. So, if you’re looking for holiday dating tips, the best advice might be to have an open mind and expand your horizons.If you feel attracted to a man or woman you meet, give that person a chance even if he or she doesn’t meet numbers 1-33 of your checklist.A two-hour Tinder date can be awkward enough – but imagine if you were stuck with the person for an entire holiday.

But, these tips will help you work towards finding a quality relationship.In my university days, I felt such pressure to be in a relationship at Christmas, that it became a minor obsession.And, if you know anything about being overly attached, it causes anxiety and actually hurts your efforts to achieve your goals.Second, pick an activity that has the potential for a lot of people to show up. If there are 20 people in a crowded room, it’ll be easier to talk to strangers and possibly find someone you like vs. Finally, choose an event that will have people you’d actually want to date.For example, attending Christmas caroling might be fun, but if you’re a 20-something guy, make sure it’s caroling with a university group rather than a knitting circle for elderly women.

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