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[i](Source: Wikipedia)[/i]Player is told to hurry at various points but never has any real need to comply, but instead can go for a week long fishing trip or just sit on their arse twiddling their thumbs for as long as they wish.

The European Computer Trade Show (ECTS) was an annual trade show for the European computer and video game industry which first ran in 1988 with the last event occuring in 2004.

(Source: Wikipedia)Arcade's Greatest Hits (Atari Anniversary; Atari Anthology; Atari Classics; Atari's Greatest Hits; Midway Arcade Treasures; Retro Atari Classics; Williams Arcade Classics; Williams Digital Arcade; Greatest Arcade Hits)Red Alert is a spin-off series from C&C that shows a different timeline to the original Tiberian universe as shown in the intro movie where Einstein used time-travelling to meet and stop Hitler, eliminating Nazi Germany from RA's world history.

Debuting in 1991, this was the first time multiplayer console gaming was possible to a second console.

Likely part of or attempt in creating new franchise.

Camera jumps to scenes of intense action, often from alternate angles with slow motion to show something Awesome happening.

The series has seven parts which were released at about the same time on seven different platforms.

Each game telling the conflict from a different point of view.

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