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My humans have dragged me from England to live in Germany and I tag along on their adventures across Europe.

As Canadian newlyweds living and working in Hamburg, this is our blog to share our adventures and mis-adventures as we navigate life in a new culture and continent.

Everyday trials and tribulations, debacles and successes, tips and travelogues, from an American bumbling around Germany.

This is my expat adventure, which I share with my daughter, Sequoia; my husband, Paul; and my dog, Flash.

A red-blooded American girl that has fallen in love with the German culture, the country, and a particular German man.

Now living in Germany and blogging about my experiences: German visas, traveling around Europe, and dating a German.

When we moved to Germany, I really felt like I needed support, but it wasn't easy to find.

Berlin for all the Family is a useful resource for families living in Berlin or thinking of visiting.

With ideas on what to do, events, translations of important documents, info on how things work etc, it's useful through pregnancy to child A history photoblog starting in Stuttgart, Germany, focusing on historical architecture mixed with the writer\'s stories collected from his travels not only in and around STG, but also his adventures which are taking him further afield. Elliott is an American author whose work has appeared in many popular books, including four from the best-selling Chicken Soup for the Soul series. I'm a Air Force military spouse who has lived all over the world: Alabama, Iceland, Japan, & now Germany! Right I'm an American living and working in Hamburg for a year.

I graduated from the University of Ottawa with a bachelor in communications and working as a communications advisor.

I'm looking forward to learning German an I am a twenty-something who has been living in New York City since she was 7.

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