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It is still used as a line separator in simple text editors such as program editors.As platforms and programs started to handle word processing with automatic line-wrap, these characters were reinterpreted to stand for paragraph separators.Please mail corrigenda and other comments to the author.The content of all technical reports must be understood in the context of the appropriate version of the Unicode Standard.For example, even such simple programs as the Windows Notepad program or the Mac Simple Text program interpret their platform's NLF as a paragraph separator, not a line separator.Once NLF was reinterpreted to stand for a paragraph separator, in some cases some other control character was impressed into service as a line separator.This function is not precisely the same as line separation, but the same characters are often used.Traditionally, NLF started out as a line separator (and sometimes record separator).

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The following table provides hexadecimal values for the acronyms used in the text.This document contains informative material which has been considered and approved by the Unicode Technical Committee for publication as a Technical Report and as part of the Unicode Standard, Version 3.0.Any reference to version 3.0 of the Unicode Standard automatically includes this technical report.Yet, many internet protocols and a lot of existing text treats NLF as a line separator, so you can't just simply treat NLF as a paragraph separator in all circumstances. In Unicode text, the PS and LS characters should be used wherever the desired function is unambiguous.Otherwise, the following specifies how to cope with an NLF when converting from other character sets to Unicode, when interpreting characters in text, and when converting from Unicode to other character sets.

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