Dating på nettet Nyborg

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And you can bet she would have negotiated a canny deal to hold back that tide. Nyborg’s last task is to take on the opposition having just recovered from a potentially fatal illness and leave us sated while also wanting more. Birgitte Nyborg, an entirely made-up female stateswoman, is the most visible Danish leader on these shores since Canute. The success of the implausibly gripping Borgen, which has dramatised the ups, downs, ins and outs of multi-party government in a small, civilised corner of northern Europe, just goes to show that nobody in television knows a thing.The Danish national broadcaster DR very rarely commissions three seasons of any drama (The Killing was the other one), and never four.So did the one about prostitution – written by a new female scriptwriter.) Borgen works because of Sidse Babett Knudsen, the star actress who, before she was cast as Nyborg, had a background in comedy. READ our interview with Sidse Babett Knudsen “We tried almost all in that generation,” says Price, “and a lot of the other actresses were too convincing. This would be inconceivable in the UK where we feel compelled to treat our politicians with utmost cynicism, as Michael Deacon explained in the Telegraph earlier this month.Price argues that Nyborg is “a flawed hero and she loses a lot of her humanity on the way”.

It was the hit cookery show that he hosts with his brother James that got him on to the Danish version of Who Do You Think You Are? Can Price first explain how on Earth he came by the recipe for a show about a feminist fantasy figure, a heroically idealistic leader of a centrist party who finds herself running Denmark?

Meanwhile, the Danish ambassador to the UK confides that the real-life female statsminster Helle Thorning-Schmidt, a close personal acquaintance of his, is a Borgen fan.

She has even compared herself to her fictional counterpart in one magazine interview, insisting that she wouldn’t dream of missing a parents’ evening.

So those now fluent in Danish greetings are preparing to say “tak” for the memories and “hi hi” to Birgitte, to her current and previous spin doctors Katrine Fønsmark and Kasper Juul (not to mention their adorable little boy), to Birgitte’s long-suffering children, the news team at TV1 and not least the glamourpusses and gargoyles across the Danish parliament.

The names of the actors playing these roles are still much less familiar than the faces.

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