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I am very curious as to whether your MIJ there is a solid wood or ply?

I could very certainly be wrong, but I would bet a shiny penny it's ply...

During the 1980s Fender was making some very nice guitars under the Squire name. It truly rivals the MIJ Fender guitars of that time.

What -may- have happened is that Fender had Fuji Gen make "cheaper" Squiers so as to create a more substantial difference between the instruments and their respective lines.

Maybe the next time I put a new set of strings on, I'll remove the neck and see if there's a pencil written serial number.

If you want to see a 1987 MIJ Squire E series Stratocaster, take a look at mine.

Whether this is simply due to the wood used or how the respective instruments were taken care of, I can't really say specifically but the '92 MIK was clearly an inexpensive entry level guitar where as my '85 MIJ is a very serious instrument.

Now I do have to add here that Fuji Gen does have a well earned reputation for making very good instruments.

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