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This is a secure trustee account within which monies remain client funds at all times; the trust account forms no part of allpay’s assets.Our payment system is supported by Lloyds TSB Cardnet which is the card acceptance service for Lloyds Banking Group.As a master merchant bringing card acceptance to many social housing bodies, Cardnet is our preferred card acquirer to process our credit and debit card payments so that we can offer you secure online and phone payments.

Lloyds Bank is one of the leading names in European banking, so it comes as no surprise it provides merchant account services to thousands of firms across the continent and beyond.Rather than trying to sign up every business they can to their services, the banks are typically more cautious, either turning down high-risk businesses or demanding hefty security fees.This means you shouldn’t have to deal with third party sales reps bombarding you with Cardnet services.Contracts with Lloyds Bank Cardnet start at a minimum 12-month service contract, but we can’t get hold of any information on the terms that define contract length.We certainly imagine contracts could extend to the 18-month period and anywhere up to 36-months – purely on industry standards.

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