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A sensitive and reliable potentiometric biosensor for determination of penicillin has been developed by exploiting the self-limiting growth of the non-conducting polymer, polytyramine.Optimum polytyramine-penicillinase (PTy-PNCnase) films for potentiometric detection of penicillin were accomplished with monomer solutions which contained 0.03 M tyramine, 37 U/m L penicillinase, 0.01 M KNO and an electropolymerisation time of 40 seconds.The process and mechanism for electropolymerisation of tyramine, which occurs in the ortho-position to the activating hydroxyl group, are shown in Figures 1 and 2 [2–4].The presence of the free amine groups on the polymer backbone enables covalent attachment of enzymes through the formation of a peptide bond [5].Quando ci si appresta al restyling di un logo, particolarmente per un’azienda che ha un brand così forte come Alitalia, il problema principale è quello di rinnovare senza stravolgere.

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Tyramine or 4-(2-aminoethyl) phenol is a biogenic amine derivative of tyrosine which occurs naturally in many foods especially in fermented food.The covalent attachment of glucose oxidase to the free amine groups on the polytyramine film [3], as well as the attachment of sulphite oxidase, lactate oxidase and L-amino acid oxidase to the polymer chain, are amongst some of the reported methods [5].Also enzymes such as L-amino acid oxidase [9], tyrosinase [10], and lactate oxidase [11] have been cross-linked to polytyramine with glutaraldehyde.Furthermore, the thickness of a non-conducting layer is usually 10–100 nm thick and, as such, often enabled rapid diffusion of the substrate to and from the membrane [15].This also influences the achievable linear concentration range and sensitivity of the biosensor, depending on other factors, such as the enzyme concentration, p H and buffer concentration.

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