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China is not a country to be tackled in a week or a fortnight.

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Where: The most famous sections of the Great Wall can be reached from Beijing in 1-3 hours, but the wall itself stretches as far inland as Inner Mongolia.

A country with so much to see that it would take a lifetime to do it justice.

But if you’re planning your dream Chinese trip and came in search of suggestions, look no further!

Whether you take in the atmosphere by day or soak in the twinkling lights of Pudong by night, time spent on The Bund is bound to be one of your more enduring memories of Shanghai. The bizarre sightseeing tunnel is a dizzying aural and visual experience. Where: The Bund can be reached via taxi, ferry, bus, subway, or the famous sightseeing tunnel. Standing as silent testament to the will of Emperor Qin Shi Huang, the ranks of China’s Terracotta Warriors are one of the nation’s most beloved cultural icons.

With each warrior being a unique sculpture, the Terracotta Warriors were an archaeological gold mine upon their discovery and remain one of China’s most popular tourist attractions. Adventures Around Asia has a fantastic article on their history and how to get there.

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